A wide range of companies are looking into drones and the imagery and data they can collect, along with a number of different software packages to process that data, to determine how best to utilize this technology. The uses vary depending on industry of course, but one thing remains constant across them all; the FAA requires a licensed operator to be at the controls of the drone while it is in the air.

Determining the right equipment, evaluating processing software options and getting employees certified takes time, and a bit of trial and error. For those companies that want to explore different solution options before internalizing a drone program or would rather pay only for what they need we offer our On-Demand pilot service. Try before you buy to save both time and money!


  • Licensed operators – know the rules and regulations to keep the FAA happy
  • Insured equipment – to keep the risk management folks happy
  • Save money – a proven cost effective way to get needed data without the overhead or liability
  • Augment your team – add an additional qualified resource for a specific need at a specific time
  • Competitive advantage – take advantage of new technology while staying focused on what you do best

Having a drone and operator on call, whether to augment an existing team with specific equipment or to provide certain airspace authorizations will give a company just what they need just when they need it.

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