Drone Photography & Video

While it is true that anyone can buy a decent drone with a very capable camera and get up in the air fairly easily, this doesn’t necessarily mean that its easy to get great pictures and smooth video. All the same rules in terms of composition, exposure, lighting and depth of field apply to airborne cameras as they do to earth bound ones. In addition, airborne cameras are regulated by the FAA in terms of where, when and how high they can fly for commercial purposes. That’s where our team comes in, licensed, insured talented professionals with combined decades of experience across multiple industries allow us to deliver high quality products and services to our clients each and every time. Guaranteed.

Industries / Benefits:

  • Construction – providing regularly captured hi-resolution imagery allows managers & stakeholders alike to see progress in near real time and can preserve a record of a project over time. Converting this imagery into interactive orthomosaic maps allows for monitoring one or more sites without having to travel between them, saving time and money.
  • Real Estate Photography – aerial imagery is turning up on more and more listings as agents start to understand the benefits of showing a property and the surrounding area from a greater number of angles than can be achieved by walking around it with a hand held camera, good quality imagery can really make a listing stand out.
  • Real Estate Video – combined with virtual tours of the inside of a property a smooth professionally produced video can leave a prospective buyer feeling like that have already walked through a property before every getting in the car.¬† Considering most buyers do vast amounts of research online before even calling an agent, blowing them away compared to previous and next¬† listing they see is critical to competitive advantage.
  • 360 Panoramas – whether simple overhead shots of a property wrapped in a way that lets the viewer “look around”, or a fully interactive experience that brings a buyer from the outside looking down to the inside looking around and back out again this technology is taking listings to a whole new level.
  • Events – large events such as company parties, charity races, grand openings, sporting events and others that attract large crowds can be difficult to document from the ground, getting the camera off the ground even just 50 feet gives the event a whole new feel and allows for capturing more of the action. Combine that with a live feed to a platform like Facebook or YouTube and its a whole new ball game.

First Image Free!

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Real Estate Property Video Example