Our comprehensive Lot Report provides home owners, inspectors, prospective buyers and real estate professionals with an accurate accounting of all the features of the exterior of a home and the surrounding property. A detailed area map is created showing dimensions and square footages of all major features such as the roof, the driveway, out buildings, yards, flower beds and more. High resolution imagery is included for each detail breakout, also provided as separate files, as well as an elevation map showing the highs and lows of a property for drainage assesment.


  • Make Better Decisions – seeing a property in hi-resolution combined with highly accurate data about each of the exterior features provides a home owner with the power to make more informed decisions, any of the detail pages provided to a contractor, in most cases, are enough information to prepare an accurate estimation of work, saving the home owner time arranging meetings and ensuring fairness and transparency across competing bidders.
  • Seller Advantage – set a property apart to prospective buyers by providing them a with a detailed report like no one else.
  • Peace of Mind – accurate accounting of a property supplied to an insurance company can prove invaluable should something happen that forces a claim to be submitted. Insurance companies will typically use Google Maps as the before picture for reference, which can be somewhat dated, the Lot Report can be easily updated after any improvements are made, ensuring an up to date record of a property.
  • A different Perspective – included Hi-res aerial imagery used in real estate listings helps a home stand apart from the crowd and gives prospective buyers a unique perspective into the property and surrounding area. Add on an interactive 360 degree panorama and the buyer instantly knows what it’s like to be there from whereever they are.

The Lot Report can be used over and over for many years, kept updated over time to provide an accurate record of the exterior of structures and property features and prove a valuable record should a natural disaster damage parts of your property. What’s an aerial view of your property prior to the event worth when speaking with an insurance adjuster after the fact?

Note: This report is not to be used as a certified survey, while we strive to ensure your data is as accurate as possible this report is for estimating and informational purposes only. If you would like a survey grade report we would be happy to work with a licensed surveyor of your choice or can recommend one.

Free Sample – examples are meant to show what’s possible, each property is different as is each report, if you’d like a complete PDF sample pleaseĀ contact us today!