Commercial Mapping

Construction projects can be complex and typically vary widely in scope but they all have one thing in common, staying on-schedule and on-budget is the most challenging aspect for any construction manager. Teams need technology that won’t contribute to the complexity but instead help to bring clarity in a way that is simple and as effortless as possible. Drone maps and 3D models are proving to be that technology, timely accurate information streamed right to management as often as required provides insight without effort.

  • Progress Reporting
    Regular overhead project maps delivered to an online portal available for team members both near and far provide near real-time views of progress, combined with the ability to zoom into high levels of detail, removes any question as to where things stand.
  • Improved Communications
    Sharing maps and models helps communicate directly with internal teams as well as external vendors, post a print out of the aerial view regularly on the trailer wall for all to see, better questions come up earlier than later, possibly when its too late to avoid setbacks.
  • Project Estimating & Planning
    Why pay more for a survey team to survey a greenfield site when drone data can be just as accurate and, in some cases, even more so? Point clouds derived from drone data can provide millions of points compared to hundreds for a typical survey and with less time to gather and process it will likely come in at a much lower price point.
  • VolumeĀ Measurements
    Quickly measuring stock piles from generated maps allows managers to make real-time decisions that helps eliminate costly mistakes in the timing of material deliverables.
  • Improved Safety
    Detailed overhead maps with the ability to zoom in on the tops of structures makes identifying safety concerns from the ground a good deal easier by reducing the time employees need to be in elevated positions.
  • Competitive advantage
    Having up to date information allows a company to make better decisions which can lead to less mistakes and lower costs which leads to happier clients and that leads to more repeat business.

A number of larger construction companies have already started taking advantage of drones and the insight they can provide, many of these firms have invested in internal teams with the training and equipment needed to tackle the data capture themselves, for these firms we offer pilots on demand to fill gaps at hourly rates. For those firms that would prefer to avoid the cost and distraction of building an internal team and simply want to focus on what they do best we offer a wide range of options to allow for taking advantage of the technology without the high cost of equipment and training.

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